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Specialty Moving

Piano and Grand Piano

In those tight situations where it is impossible to move the piano in one piece, MVL Movers will professionally dismantle it, move it to the desired location, and then fully reassemble the instrument to its original state.
Moving pianos has much more to do with technique, skills and professional equipment than it does with just the power force.

Grand piano, despite its weight, which may reach up to 1000 pounds (450 kg), this big musical instrument is comprised of a delicate and fragile inner mechanism, which is liable to be severely damaged if the piano is not handled properly. Using our know-how and special piano-moving equipment, MVL Movers will do the job right. Sometimes even a very short move (within the same building or even within the same apartment) is reasonable to hire a professional specialty moving company.

Whether your piano is an upright one, a studio or concert piano, grand, baby grand, or organ, our professional movers will make sure it is well-protected, secured, and arrives at its destination in the same condition that it was when we packaged it.

Whether your move is commercial or residential, MVL Movers strives to relocate your belongings in the timeliest fashion, safely and securely. Our movers are working around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Often, we can have all of your assets moved and reassembled in a single weekend, saving you a great deal of time and money.

Our express service is designed to provide quick relocation, with an assurance that your goods will remain on the same truck, with absolutely no off-loading or repacking, and the same crew accompanying your belongings throughout the journey.

1000lb fish-tank-move
Aquarium or Fish-Tank

Whether your aquarium is a few dozen gallons, or a few thousand, MVL Movers has both the experience and the equipment to make sure it is transported securely within Toronto area or to Long Distance Canada and US cross border moving.

MVL Movers ships over 50 aquariums annually including big ones, over 500 liters volume. This important task requires special knowledge, skills, and specialty moving equipment. We use fish-tank sliders, glass suction cups, and hydraulic dolly jacks if necessary.

Similarly, we will find a way to move any other valuable goods that don’t fit in regular boxes, are fragile, uniquely-shaped, extraordinarily heavy, or present a challenge in some other way.

Art and Antiques

MVL Movers understand how precious art and antiques can be. They can also be quite fragile at times. For this  reason, our professional movers use all of the specialty moving items tools at our disposal to ensure your valuables are transported with the highest level of care.

We have specialized containers and boxes designed for unique items, as well as telescoping containers for mirrors and the like, along with an array of wrapping cushions, blankets, and other buffers to keep your items in pristine condition, during the moving. MVL Movers guarantee an absolute safety of your valuable items.

commercial appliance moving
Appliances and Large Furniture

Some appliances and pieces of furniture can be quite difficult to move, particularly older or custom-made models. In any case, our experienced movers have all of the necessary equipment to move your appliances or furniture piece, locally around Toronto or long distance across Canada and US.

MVL Movers uses specialized moving boxes, crates, blankets, moving pads, shrink wrap, wrapping cushions, containers, dollies, and a variety of other tools to take care of even the most heavyweight and big appliance pieces of furniture to safely transport it.

Specialty Moving Services

Pianos, Aquariums, Safes, Appliances & Antiques

Our homes and offices can often have specialty moving items that require a great deal of expertise to move safely. These specialty moving items include valuable pieces of art, fragile antiques, large aquariums, appliances, commercial stoves, furniture, safes, and pianos. MVL Movers specializes in secure delivery of these types of items, whether it is a local move, or a long-distance shipment across Canada and the United States. We can also provide temporary storage for these items in modern, well-protected, and climate-controlled facilities.


Safe and Gun Cabinet

Specialty moving service around GTA for safe and gun safe. Moving a safe is not an easy job. Our professional team uses special equipment, low profile dollies, belts and slide boards to insure smooth relocation of heavy safe, gun safe and other large objects.

Why choose MVL Movers for your move?

  • Our team is ready when you are, 24-hour service and support
  • Residential or commercial Long Distance moving services across Canada and US
  • Residential or commercial Toronto and GTA local moving services
  • Furniture assembly services
  • Accurate but speedy packing services for all your belongings
  • Sturdy and durable packing supplies and moving equipment
  • Car, motorcycle and other types of vehicle shipping
  • Specialty moving items including pianos, aquariums, appliances, gyms, and antiques
  • International shipping from Canada to any place in this world you call your new home
  • Short-term or long-term storage in modern, climate-controlled facility


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