MVL Movers

Canada’s Long Distance Moving Company

Do you need long distance movers?

The key to every successful long distance move is choosing the right mover. MVL Movers has experienced and qualified staff to provide you with a smooth and stress-free move. Every Long Distance move we make begins with a free of charge, accurate estimate provided by our moving consultant. We would recommend for all moves you get three estimates from three different companies. We’re sure you will find the most value in our service after looking elsewhere.

We have a number of tools at our disposal to ensure that you receive the best experience with our long distance movers:

  • Extensive computerized dispatch network. We have a Canada-wide computerized dispatch network, which ensures that your shipment can be tracked within seconds. We always know where our drivers are and where your shipment is.
  • Efficient communication system. We communicate with our drivers at least twice a day, and we track driver weights, locations, availability, capacity, tracking and reporting by means of our electronic communication system. We can guarantee the best possible service because our safe, efficient communication system ensures your shipment is always a top priority.
  • Professional. Our uniformed long distance movers are extensively trained in professional packing, loading and wrapping procedures before we allow them to move your goods. Drivers are rewarded for delivering your goods safely. Please read our testimonials to see just how friendly and professional our movers are.
  • Safe. Before loading your shipment, we create an accurate, itemized inventory of your goods. Each article of furniture is carefully wrapped in a quilted moving pad to ensure it travels and arrives safely to your new residence. When our movers deliver your goods to your residence, each item is placed in the location and room of your choice.



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