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Packing Tips

Packing tips from MVL Movers

When it comes to preparing for a move, there are few things more important than proper packing.

The right packing will make the difference between a quick, smooth move, and an endless hassle. MVL Movers offers professional and stress-free packing services with all the right equipment to safely transport whatever you may be moving.

If you choose to pack yourself, there are a number of important things to keep in mind. Below is a brief set of key packing tips to make your move simpler and more efficient.


Additional Packing Tips

  • Don’t make your boxes too heavy. Try to limit the weight to no more than 50 pounds.
  • Ample padding and cushioning is critical to keep your things in good shape. This is especially necessary for dishware – make sure to wrap each plate and cup individually.
  • Laundry baskets and hampers are great space savers and can be used to store a lot of items for your move.
  • Some items require special equipment for transport: telescoping cartons are ideal for mirrors and glass, wardrobe cartons can keep your delicate clothes hanging on a bar. Expensive dishes should be placed in special dish-packs, and furniture tightly packed with plastic wrapping. It is also preferable to have mattress bags. MVL Movers is happy to provide you with these materials.
  • At the end of the day, some items should be left to the professionals: large and fragile chandeliers, electrical appliances, pianos, fish-tanks, glass tabletops, and alike. Let the experienced professionals at MVL Movers safely pack and transport these items for you.

Following these tips will surely make your packing and moving easier, safer, and smoother.

Keep in mind that you should transport the following items on your own (MVL Movers are not responsible for them):

    • Legal documents, including birth certificates, passports and medical information.
    • Furniture or home keys, jewelry, cash, photographs and sentimental items.

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